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Lindsay Bauer Reaches a Thousand


By Holly Bruns

Lindsay Bauer, senior at Salisbury High School, accomplished yet another milestone in her athletic career. In the basketball game against Palisades Thursday night, Bauer scored her thousandth point while on the foul line. Going into the game with nine points until her goal, she draws a foul in the box that gave her the two point opportunity to score the last points she needed. “Foul shots aren’t my specialty, so I was really nervous,” says Lindsay.  After sinking both her shots, the crowd went wild. “I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. I was just taking in the moment.” Lindsay Bauer received flowers, the game ball, and eventually her name on the Thousand-Point banner.

Flower Fundraiser Cards

By Shane Wittman

The Salisbury High School junior class is selling Dan Schantz Greenhouse fundraiser cards for $20. These cards offer one free item every month for a year, plus extra coupons throughout the year. Some items include a free large bouquet, free 1/2 dozen roses and a free 10 inch hanging basket. To order a card, see a member of the junior class or email Mrs. Wilson at  

Dan Schantz Greenhouse sells cut flowers, annuals, and garden supplies/decorations in its store at 2031 29th St SW in Allentown. The cut flowers are stored in a cooler and made fresh daily. With the wide range of arrangements, they are made for any occasion; “Whether the occasion is to be a new baby, new house, happy birthday, just because, sympathy, or anniversary.” The 84 different varieties of annuals are located in the store throughout the year. The garden supplies are categorized as decorations, pots, pottery, baskets, soil, mulch, chemicals and fertilizer. The greenhouse was opened on September 12th, 2002 and is 32,000 square feet of retail greenhouse space.

Junior Class President Haley Szita is in charge of this fundraiser. “As class president I try to get my classmates involved by encouraging selling, which ultimately benefits our class with the ability to do fun activities.” She works with Mrs. Wilson and other officers to keep the junior class advisory organized and effective. Haley says that the profits will be used for many different events that the Junior class will have. “The profits will be used for various reasons, including homecoming, prom, the senior class trip, and other general expenses for the class as a whole.” Haley and other members in charge chose the Flower Fundraiser because they believed that it would appeal to a variety of people of all ages. “The buyer will also be receiving a flower gift every month which draws more interest than a normal fundraiser would.” Mrs. Wilson (Junior Class Advisor), also helped choose this fundraiser because it was a success last year. “No other local schools participate in this fundraiser, so we get many sales.”


The Breaks: Review

By Mat Jordan

The city of New York was always known as “the city that never sleeps.” Whether you are from the city or a newcomer, it’s a city that demands cleverness, ingenuity and fearlessness; no matter what industry you are trying to get into. In order for you to make it, you must learn how to work the streets. Learn how to hustle and be a doer or else opportunities will just immediately pass on by. VH1 has created a film which describes all of these aspects of New York City.

“The Breaks,” is a film which describes the grind, hustle, and hardship that is common for the city of New York. The movie is set in the early 90’s and follows three individuals: Nikki Jones, David Aaron, and Dee Vee, three friends with three different jobs but one goal. This goal is to try to bring hip-hop back on top. The movie was inspired by “The Big Payback,” a novel about the hip-hop business.

At the beginning of the movie, we meet Nikki Jones, a recent college graduate at George Washington University, who has turned down a full scholarship to Harvard Law School so she could instead follow her dreams in the entertainment industry and try to land an internship at Fouray Entertainment. Since she is a woman trying to rise in the industry, everyone originally doubts her. However, her quick thinking and sharp tongue keeps both men and women in check. She tries to motivate the artists who are trying to bring hip-hop back to life by calling them unimportant, making them rethink their lives. She lives with her boyfriend, David Aaron.

David is the son of a legendary music producer who refuses to live in his father’s shadow, even though he and Nikki are living in his father’s apartment for free. Nikki and David’s love of hip hop came at a time when many old-time executives didn’t expect hip-hop to last another five years. This doubt is very difficult to ignore since David’s boss hates hip-hop with a passion.

We then meet Dee Vee, a musical producer who loves the sound of hip-hop even though his father does not support him. Producing in his father’s garage is very difficult and working with terrible artists doesn’t help matters, either; then Dee Vee meets Ahm, a man who follows the streets and is one of the biggest battle rappers in the City. Dee Vee tries to approach him but Ahm’s gang intimidates him and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t get out of their face. Dee Vee, discouraged by the gang’s threats, returns home. That night, Ahm’s best friend is shot and passes away. The next day, Ahm and his gang go to Dee Vee’s house, and Dee Vee’s father gives all his son’s equipment away to them. Once Dee Vee discovers this, he becomes infuriated and goes after Ahm once more. This time, however, he approaches him with much more politeness and less assertiveness. It turns out Ahm took his equipment because he wanted to create a track with him, a track about his friend who recently died.

This movie strongly portrays the events and lifestyle of a New Yorker in the Early 90’s. It portrays a hustle and grind from three individuals who want to reach their goals. When I first saw the trailer, I was skeptical about it, but was I proven wrong. I strongly encourage you all to watch this movie because not only is it funny, but also motivating. It motivates you to never stop hustling. On the Mat Jordan Fire Fuego Scale, this film deserves 5 out of 5 flames. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

New Year’s Celebrations Around The World


New Year’s is the day on which the new calendar year begins. This day is celebrated across the world and shows the cultural traditions of the countries that celebrate it. The celebration of New Year’s is held in the USA, United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, Denmark, Spain, Sri Lanka, Germany, and India. Most of these countries celebrate the New Year at a different time and a different way. People who believe in Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Bahai, and Jewish religions also celebrate the New Year.

The United States of America celebrates the New Year on January 1. At midnight, the most celebrated event in the U.S happens. This is called the “ball drop,” and it involves a large ball or other item specific to the community dropping from a central location in the city. The most celebrated ball dropping ceremony is the one in Times Square, New York City. People across the country tune in to watch the countdown to the New Year and thousands of people flock to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop in person.

The United Kingdom celebrates the New Year on January 1st. Huge crowds gather around the Thames to watch fireworks from the London Eye, a giant ferris wheel.

China celebrates the New Year according to the Lunar Calendar. Their New Year is known as “Yuan tan” and it could occur any day between mid January and mid February. Their celebrations can last from 10 to 15 days.

Japan celebrates the New Year on January 1st. Japanese people celebrate the new year by praying at temples. The temple bells ring exactly 108 times to scare away the evil and start the new year off on the right foot.

France celebrates the New Year on January 1st and is known as “Jour Des tennes, and le Jour del’an.” The French people gather with their families and party into the New Year.

Denmark celebrates the New Year at midnight the day before. The citizens of Denmark gather plates and throw them at their front door. It is believed that for every plate broken, you will gain a new friend in the new year.

In Spain, when the clock strikes midnight, it is tradition to eat twelve grapes. The grapes are supposed to bring good luck.

In Sri Lanka, the New Year is known as Aluth Avurudhu. The rituals of this New Year’s celebration begins in mid-April and starts with house cleaning, lighting of the hearth, and herbal bathing.

The German celebrations for New Year includes dropping molten lead into cold water to see what shape it takes and predicting the future. Each different shape symbolizes aspects of life, prosperity, and love.

The Indian New Year is held in eight different parts of India and is themed a different way in each part.

The celebration of the New Year ties countries around the world together. It shows that all people, regardless of race, gender, or religion, just want a fresh start and a year full of peace, prosperity, and love.

Obama’s Last State of the Union

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.37.48 AM.png

By Josh Gray

President Obama has been preparing his last State of the Union Address as President of the United States, set to take place next week. Many think this year’s address will be more abstract than last year’s, and discuss the ideas that gave hope to voters who placed their faith in him in 2008. In his 2015 State of the Union Address, he discussed the progressive improvement of the job market and the economy. President Obama was also very pleased to announce that the men and women serving had started to come back from Afghanistan. He explained how education had taken a leap in the right direction, as students had the best scores in math and reading on record.  A key part of the address was about a couple named Rebekah and Ben Erler. He explained their story as a prime example of the American Dream. The couple had run on hard times, but Rebekah attended college while still working her waitress job, and obtained a position that would eventually place them in a better life. Once again, they were living the American Dream. The President commemorated them for not giving up. He said that during his time in the office, the country had stayed together through both good times as well as bad times, and had come out all the better.


1/13/16 – The 2016 State of the Union, President Obama’s last Address, was both reflective and hopeful for the future. He noted the many different accomplishments of the past year as well as his goals to accomplish in the future, even beyond his presidency. He explained how unemployment had been cut in half, from 10% in 2009 to 5 % today. He proudly proclaimed that the Supreme Court voted to legalize same-sex marriage. He discussed how 14.1 million jobs had been created since 2009, and the high school graduation rate had risen to 82 %. The American auto industry had its best year ever. President Obama said, “The U.S. right now has the strongest and most durable economy in the world.” The President thought about the future, how he wants to provide help for those affected by drug abuse in America, protect children from gun violence, and cure cancer. He announced, to much applause, that he had put Vice President Joe Biden in charge of the effort to cure the devastating disease. He concluded with the statement that “Priority number one is to protect the American people by going after terrorist networks.” He finished with promises to deliver on the hopes of US citizens, through the only way possible: working together.

Senior Yearbook Photos Due January 31


By Kelly Kucsan

Attention all seniors! All senior portraits and baby photos are due January 31th, 2016. Students are recommended to wear appropriate attire and pose appropriately. Clothing should be formal or semi-formal. The SHS Dress Code will be strictly enforced for photo submissions. Poses can be traditional or unique poses, but they must follow the school rules and regulations for appropriate conduct.

A photo can be submitted to the EYAS Yearbook in one of two ways: Digital Proof Submission or hard copy. If the photo is submitted digitally, it cannot include the watermark, and the picture should be attached to an email and sent to A JPEG is preferred. A hard copy should be dropped off in the school office in an envelope marked with the name of the student, the date the photo was submitted, and a phone number the yearbook staff can use to contact the student if they have any questions or concerns. Both digital and hard copies of photo must be wallet size only.  

Swim Team Struggles with Pool Conditions

By Rachel Costantini

The Salisbury Swim Team practices, and has been practicing for years, at Kidspeace Broadway. Although this is usually a reliable location for practices and meets, they have faced many challenges with the pool conditions over the past four years. Many times the chemicals in the pool were too strong for the swimmers to practice safely, or leaks caused the swim team to have to practice at other pools for a few days. This year, however, the swim team is having the most trouble with the pool, so much trouble that they have not been able to practice at Kidspeace Broadway for over a week.

The first practice of the new year, January 2nd, started the problems for the team. The water level was extremely low, to the point that the swimmers could not do flip turns at the shallow end. It was also way too cold. However, no one checked the temperature because the water level was so low, the thermometer did not reach it. The team had a full practice that day, but the conditions were much worse later on. The team only had a 20 minute practice the next day due to the 68˚ pool. The ideal temperature of a pool meant for lap swimming is between 78˚F and 82˚F. As a result, the swim team could no longer practice at Kidspeace until the conditions improved.

The team started having sporadic practices at different pools, such as Kidspeace Orefield, Parkland, and Saucon Valley. Most of the practices no longer took place right after school, but whenever the team could be squeezed into the schedules of the other pools. Up to this point, the team was supposed to get back in their own pool at Kidspeace Broadway on January 13th, but the night before, the pump and heat shut off, so the pool, again, was too low and cold for the team to practice in. The next home meet, which is supposed to be January 15, looks like it will be moved to Tamaqua as an away meet. Hopefully, the pool conditions get straightened out and the swim team can get back to practicing in their own pool in the next week.

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