By Cierra Kettenburg 

Recently, SADD club held their famous Red Ribbon Week. It is an alcohol and drug violence prevention campaign. Members from SADD would be present at a table at each lunch everyday for a week. There, they had pledges waiting to be signed by whoever wanted to pledge to make smarter choices. Once they signed the pledge, the person would receive a red ribbon, and a chance to enter a raffle.

SADD stands for, “Students Against Destructive Decisions.” The SADD club advisor is Mrs. Anne Schneider. She is filling in for Mrs. Sarah Wascura, who is currently out on maternity leave. Paige Watto, member of SADD, says that the goal of the club is, “Trying to get students to think about their decisions. SADD is about helping teenagers have healthy decisions instead of taking part in destructive decisions that can change their life in a matter of seconds.” If one is interested in joining SADD, they sign up in the beginning of the school year. ”We try to meet every two weeks on Monday mornings.” When asked about who SADD influences the most, Paige responded, “Probably all students are influenced, but I would say mostly freshmen.”

SADD is an important and prestigious club to be a part of. “I’m happy to be a part of SADD because it teaches me how to handle destructive decisions and shows me the consequences I could have had if I partook in them.”

SADD addresses the importance in decision making in high school, and looks out for the safety and health of not just students in the school, but students and teenagers everywhere.


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