Keeper Kamp Commits

By Kelly Kucsan

Jordan Kamp is a senior at Salisbury High School and the goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team. In April of 2015, as a junior, she committed to St. John’s University to continue her soccer career. Kamp decided to pick St. John’s because it had everything she was looking for when it came to academics and athletics. She had various other options, but they didn’t have the combination that she needed to succeed in college.

Jordan thinks very highly of the soccer program at St. John’s. “The coach at St. John’s is great and the University truly has a family atmosphere.” She is looking forward to playing soccer in their state of the art home stadium, Belson Stadium. They have well-maintained turf and they play “New York, New York” which gives her the goosebumps every time. This new opportunity at St. John’s does not make her feel nervous at all. Jordan is extremely excited and eager to get out there and play.

Jordan has been playing soccer since she was seven years old. When she was asked what her favorite thing about soccer was and she said it was the feeling of stepping on the field. “It is the most comfortable place to be on.” Jordan says she is very intrinsically motivated but is also motivated by her teammates and her family. She got to where she is today by setting goals and being relentlessly determined to achieve them. Hopefully, Jordan will enjoy her time at St. John’s and will pursue her dreams.

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