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Getting Ready for Black Friday

By Cierra Kettenburg

With Thanksgiving around the corner, everyone if preparing for the annual black Friday on November 27, 2015. Stores across the Lehigh Valley are preparing for the night and the craziness that comes along with it. Some of the popular stores are Walmart and Target.

Walmart’s Black Friday sale  is starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving, November 26, and they also will have online deals all day on Thanksgiving. Their ad has 32 pages of deals and doorbusters on the year’s hottest gifts. Starting with a Roku 32” Class Smart HDTV with a special buy of $125. The 32” has a 31.5” diagonal screen size with LED 720p resolution. Some special features are it has a 32” LCD panel with a 1366×768 resolution, true 16:9 aspect ratio to view your movies as the director intended, and HDMI inputs.

Another product would be the Chromecast Streaming Media Player for only $20. This product features plugs into your HDTV and streams media from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, compatible with a PC, Mac ,iOS, and Android.

The Beats Pill Wireless Speaker is going for $149 each. The product features are portability, a rechargeable battery, up to 7 hours of battery life, and a USB port. Check out Walmart’s ad and store for more Black Friday deals.

Target has 10 days of deals with sweet daily deals starting November 22. The deals include a certain percentage off a designated area. The Westinghouse 55in LED tv is being sold for $249.99. The TV has a 1080 resolution and screen size of 54.6 inches. Parrot Bebop drone captures HD 10180p video and 14MP photos and is being sold for $394.99 and you can control the drone from your smartphone. Xbox one 500GB console is $299.99. It comes with Gears of Wars digital download at a $59.99 value, and a free $60 Target gift card when you buy this xbox one bundle.

I asked some family members of mine if they are going black friday shopping and how it changed over the years. My mom said they are going, but she believes as time went on the fun was taken out of it because people start it so early. She can recall last year for Thanksgiving the family waited until Saturday to have Thanksgiving because they decided to shop on Thanksgiving. When it comes to black friday everyone believes that it should be done how it was done years ago. The sales and deals should start at 12:00am and on because it would give people time to eat and spend time with family and then go shopping for Christmas. So, the last question is are you going Black Friday shopping?

New Recycling Program Hitting SHS

By Lindsay Bauer

Sophie Niesenbaum, President of Salisbury High School’s environmental club, is already making positive changes in regards to the school’s recycling system.

New garbage bins have been added to each and every classroom, clearly labeled as to what belongs in each container. The green bins are for paper only, and no trash should be deposited there. The blue bins are for cans and bottles only — also no trash. And the old green bins, which were once used for general recycling, are now being used for all other trash. From there, the garbage thrown away in these classroom containers will be distributed appropriately in the larger bins outside.

Niesenbaum believes that “the motivation to recycle should come from the kids wanting to do the right thing for our Earth and environment.” She and the environmental club stress that placing your garbage in the proper containers is crucial for this new system to thrive. “If items of trash are placed in the wrong bins, it makes it a lot harder to recycle and often times that bin as a whole cannot be recycled.” Environmental club member Jessica Safi believes that “collectively we all need to participate in recycling in order for this project to run smoothly.” Niesenbaum truly hopes that the recycling program will not only be successful, but also become a change easily integrated into life at Salisbury High School. “I am hoping the program will continue on for years to come, and that the environmental club will continue to prosper with new ideas for sustainable solutions.”

Salisbury Swimming

By Daniel Bonge

Salisbury has a history of having successful swim seasons. Teams from the past five years have won multiple positions on the podium for the 2A division, and many individual swimmers have gone to states, with a few placing and even winning. Last season, swimmer Mahlon Reihman took 1st place at states in the 200 freestyle and 2nd place in the 100 freestyle as a sophomore. The year before that, the swim team had relays go to states and the 200 freestyle relay team won. The team placed third overall. Three years ago, many swimmers were able to advance to states, and through those successful swimmers Salisbury was able to win their first team state title. The team is hopeful this history of success continues through this season. They managed to win many district titles, and sent many kids on to win state titles.

Mahlon Reihman says the boys team is looking very strong compared to last season. “Last year, we struggled on the boys end and didn’t have the numbers to get enough wins.” As for having a new coach, Mahlon is disappointed but happy. “I am disappointed because having the same coach would’ve be easier since we already got to know him, but happy because there will be a new system of coaching and hopefully I can improve with that.” Compared to previous seasons, Mahlon feels that the swim team can’t compared with the team that won states a couple of years ago. “That team had so much depth and talent. We lack most of that this season.” Mahlon believes that the boys swimmers have come a long way from last year, and hopes that there will be some wins.

The past five years, though, the team has had five new coaches, each one leaving after a season to move to different positions after having a successful year at Salisbury. Patrick O’Connor, the newest instructor, was one of the assistant coaches at Emmaus under his brother, Tim O’Connor. These two had very successful seasons for a 3A swim team and had multiple district title wins. When asked why he came to Salisbury, Coach O’Connor said he wanted to see what he could do to help. “I saw that there was an opening, and I’ve seen the history this team has, and needed to see what I could do to have a successful season.” Coach O’Connor is looking for many key principles. “I’m looking for hard work and dedication from this team. As long as these kids can do those key things, we can be a successful team and get some wins.” The swim team is looking powerful this year, and both the boys and the girls are excited for a new season to come. Many cannot wait to see how they can improve over the course of a hopefully successful season.

Horoscope Weekly: Nov. 23 – 29


By Samantha Perkins

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – Monday and Tuesday look like they may be a little difficult for you, but not so much you can’t deal with life. The middle of the week looks much better, and you’ll start feeling more energetic. Almost anything you do will turn out to be the right thing. You might feel a little nostalgic this holiday weekend, so just spend some time reminiscing with your friends.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – It looks like you have a very social week ahead of you. Friends are going to want to spend some time with you, and maybe ask for your help with something. You won’t mind at all, and you may even see relationships grow. Since your week looks like it’ll be busy, it may feel like the days are zipping by. This weekend will be filled with good times and good friends. Just take it easy, and know that anything you choose to do will work out well.

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The Salisbury Community Breakfast

By Josh Gray

The 1st  Annual Community Breakfast at Salisbury High School is approaching quickly. The breakfast is on December 5th and runs from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Salisbury Superintendent Randy Ziegenfuss wants to bridge the two sides of Salisbury. “The administrative team would like to find ways that we can bring the school community together with the township community.” They decided on a Saturday because it would be a good day to bring out families. Anyone in the community can join in on the fun, even if they do not have a child that attends the school.

The principal of Salisbury High School, Mrs. Morningstar, has helped and supported as clubs plan out events, and this one is no exception. Salisbury administrators asked students, teachers, and other administrators to help. They plan to work in a number of roles, as greeters, tour guides, and cooks.  Dr. Ziegenfuss wants this event to bring out attendance in the community. “This event will bring people into the schools from the community who have not been in our schools or do not know what we do for our students.” 150 people have signed up and they range from young to old. The Administrators hope to plan this annually and create other events just like this throughout the spring. Dr. Ziegenfuss hopes this event to strengthen the community. “Salisbury is such a small community and we need to strengthen the bonds between the school and community”. Hopefully, this event will fulfill its intended purpose and Salisbury residents will leave this event with a bigger connection to the school system.

Food Drive

By Shane Wittman

Two weeks ago, Student Government Advisory started their annual food drive. The food drive benefits Allentown Ecumenical Food Bank. Salisbury donated any non-perishable food item(s) for those less fortunate this holiday season. Last year we donated about 3,000 lbs of food. This fundraiser is for Falcon Cup Points, so points were awarded accordingly to each class/faculty depending on the amount of items donated.

SGA Advisor and Guidance Counselor Michael Anderson came up with the idea for the fundraiser with SGA because they like to give back to the community when they can. “Last year we started the Food Drive and tied it to the Falcon Cup for point to make it a competition between classes.” Mr. Anderson promoted the fundraiser with emails to students and faculty and with help from many teachers in the school. “Several teachers also offered extra credit for food items donated.” Mr. Anderson was really excited that students donated a lot this year. “Thanks to all of you, SHS has donated over 1,600 food items to the Allentown Area Ecumenical Food Bank.   Nicely done!”

On November 2nd the food drive started.  The faculty donated a whopping 148 food items. Next up was the sophomores who donated 59 food items. Then was the rest of the school (Seniors, Juniors and Freshman), donating 0 items combined.

On November 9th the seniors tallied up some points, donating 21 items. Also, the juniors added 10 items. Then, the sophomores donated a plethora of items, 545 total. The freshman still had no items donated and the faculty still had the same.
The food drive ended on November 16th and the sophomores were the clear winner. The sophomores donated a total of 953 canned goods, followed by the faculty with 273, then the juniors with 220.The freshmen took fourth place and donated 151 food items and the seniors were last donating only 44 items. With the food drive ending, “falcon points” do not matter. This is about the numerous people we helped by holding the food drive.

Republican Presidential Candidates Talk Economics at Nov. 10 Debate


By Claudia Crouthamel

On November 10th, 2015, the top eight Republican candidates had the fourth round of debates for the 2016 election. This debate took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was hosted by the Fox Business Network and The Wall Street Journal. The moderators of the debate were Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker. For this debate, the questions gravitated towards the economy and what each of the candidates would do to improve it. Other questions asked were about how each of the candidates plan on making America a better tomorrow.

The eight candidates were lined up on stage based on their standings in four national polls. The leading candidate is Donald Trump, with Ben Carson not far behind him. The other candidates include Senator Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Gov. John Kasich and Senator Rand Paul.

The first question focused on raising minimum wage. All of the candidates were against the idea of raising minimum wage up to $15 an hour. Donald Trump thought that it would affect taxes. “Taxes too high, wages too high”. In the debate, the candidates also clashed over their ideas on immigration. Governors John Kasich and Jeb Bush tried to walk over Donald Trump’s plan on deporting illegal immigrants. Trump wants to build a bigger wall between the United States and Mexico. With this wall, he also wants to send all of the illegal immigrants out of America.
Throughout the debate, many of the candidates had very valid points about the topics that were presented to them. It’s almost voting time, so get educated and ready to vote for your future president.

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