What a Time to Be Alive Review

What A Time to Be Alive Review

Photo courtesy of AP Images

By Matthew Jordan

Two of the biggest rap stars in the industry collaborated on one of the best mixtapes of this year. “What a Time to Be Alive,” created by Drake and Future, blew up the Billboard Hot 200 reaching the #1 album/mixtape slot last week.

The mixtape/album cover shows a number of diamonds laid throughout the cover which not only symbolizes their wealth, but also intimidates another rapper, Meek Mill, whom Drake seems to have a feud with. Following their launch of the mixtape, both rappers were once again launched to the number one spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Artists chart. With the album opening with 334,000 album sales and his other album “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late” opening with 495,000, he tallied his third total week atop the “Hot 100” in which he led the weeks of February 28 and March 7.

With the mixtape starting out with “Jumpman,” it leads the whole entire track list in streaming as well as downloads. It also holds #21 in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart.  Since none of the tracks have reached the airplay chart yet, his third track “Big Rings” received the best start on radio which totaled 2.7 million listeners in the Rap format.

In my personal opinion, the song “Jumpman” was one of the least attractive songs in the album; on Future’s part, he was extremely hard to understand due to his mumbling/accent, however the beat of the songs allows the listener to get lost in the music and feel hype.

Two of my favorite songs in the mixtape has to be “Scholarships” and “Big Rings.” Even though the song “Scholarships” may be hard to understand, it is really catchy due to the singing type auto tune beats following with the lyrics creating a “Fetty Wap” kind of vibe. “Big Rings” explains how both rappers and their entourages need plenty of flashy items to show the world that they are number one, hence the lyrics “ I got a really big team and they need some really big rings.” However the beat of the songs are the attention-getters. You cannot listen to the song without nodding your head. Overall, the lyrics of the song are not too special. However the beats of the are the go-to in this mixtape. Holding hard, catchy beats which will keep your listening ears entertained.

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