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Homecoming Dress Trend

By Claudia Crouthamel

This year Salisbury students got all dressed up and went to show off their Homecoming outfits during pictures and the dance. This year there were a lot of different dress styles and outfit choices. During this year’s dance I noticed that there were a lot of different colored dresses, but the main color scheme was darker fall colors. The only patterned dresses I noticed were lace.

This year at Homecoming there were many form-fitting dresses, but there was also a fair amount of flowy dresses. There were a lot of shift dresses and bodycon dresses but there were also a lot of asymmetrical dress and dresses cinched at the waist. There were also a lot of dress styles with open backs. I personally loved this look.

Accessory-wise, people paired their dresses with different colored shoes, statement necklaces, and different hair styles. At Homecoming this year everyone was wearing heels. There were a lot of talk scrappy heels and also a lot of pumps. Most of the people paired their neutral colored dresses with solid colored heels that added a little color to their outfits, but neutral and nude heels were popular with people who chose to wore brightly colored dresses. Girls with plainer dresses tended to wear nice statement jewelry, but there were many girls who chose to wear a simple pendant necklace to add a touch of elegance to their outfits.
Curled hair was the most popular hairstyle of the dance this year, and many girls chose to wear their hair down. Even so, girls who wore their hair in updos definitely added a little more glamour to their style. This year’s homecoming was a fun times to show off your style and have fun with friends. The girls this year look beautiful and I can’t wait for next year. Now it’s time to get ready for prom!  

Salisbury’s Homecoming Pep Rally

By Daniel Bonge

Salisbury’s pep rally this year was one of the most energetic in years. There was screaming, dancing, and tons of laughter all around. All of the grades were fighting for the falcon cup, the glorious trophy won only by the true champions. The man dance was the highlight of this year’s pep rally with the juniors’ mance coming out on top. Their dance was well organized, and had many tricks. Overall, it was one of the best dances we had seen in awhile. The freshman sadly did not have enough school spirit and did not sacrifice any victims to dance in the mance. The sophomores had only two dancers for a short mance, but they did surprise us with what they had. The seniors had a very good dance, with tons of different songs and dance moves, but unfortunately they were disqualified because they brought some unauthorized dancers onto the dance floor and some of their dance moves were deemed inappropriate. The faculty mance team, who had won last year, provided a fun dance that did not get the same level of excitement as their winning one.

After the man dance, Mr. Anderson announced the winners for the gym decorations. In fourth place was the freshman, third place was the sophomore, second place was the seniors, and in first place was the juniors! The juniors had a theme as the “Jurassic Juniors” and had dinosaurs and giant bugs hung up on the wall. The seniors appropriately included a theme of looking towards the future. The sophomores included their “Incredibles” theme, and the freshmen were excited about their theme supporting breast cancer.

The last activity conducted was the yelling and screaming to see who was the loudest. There was loads of school spirit in the gymnasium at the time. Mr. Anderson got everyone fired up, screaming and shouting so loud that most ears started to hurt. The teachers were the judges for who was the loudest, and surprisingly the sophomores were the loudest of all of the grades. They were followed by the juniors in second place, the seniors in third, the freshmen in fourth, and the faculty last.

Overall, the freshman need to step up their school spirit and get more into the pep rallies. The sophomores were very spirited, but can get some more to be able to win next time. The juniors had tons of school spirit and are leading the standing for the falcon cup. The seniors, they need to step up their game if they want to win the falcon cup for their last possible year.

Bulldozed the Bulldogs

By Caitlin Hoeing

The stadium was filled with cheering fans covered in blue and white Salisbury apparel.  Students filled the Falcon Nest with their spirit and loud cheers. The big homecoming football game had finally arrived. The Northern Lehigh Bulldogs came to the Salisbury turf looking to defeat the Falcons on their big game day.  However, the Falcons came out strong and “bulldozed the bulldogs” in a 39-29 win.  The game was back and forth most of the time, but the Falcons came through strong to defeat Northern Lehigh in the end.  Even though the Bulldogs scored first, the Falcons answered back and the score at halftime was 22-15, with the Falcons dominating. However, in the second half, Northern Lehigh gained a lead of 29-28, making the Falcons start to pick up their game. The Bulldogs lost possession on four fumbles, two of which were returned by Devin Irwin for touchdowns. With about five minutes left in the game, these touchdowns gave the Falcons a 36-29 lead. A 36-yard field goal by Mason Donaldson with 2 minutes left in the game set the final score of 39-29, with the Falcons defeating the Bulldogs to start the homecoming weekend off with a bang.

After the game, the team was featured on the Big Ticket, which is a show that talks about the recent news in high school sports throughout the Lehigh Valley. The whole team was featured on television, and they also participated in the “Tweetchers” segment of the Big Ticket.  In this segment, the hosts use social media to communicate with all of their followers. After this segment, Coach Cerco got interviewed about the game and how the team is doing this season. Then the whole team got to watch the highlights of the game and got to discuss the good parts of the game. The team had a great performance on Friday night under the lights, and they have a few more games to prove that they can be successful this year.

Horoscope Weekly: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

By Samantha Perkins

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – You’re always a busy guy or gal, Aries, but you’re never going to get everything done if you don’t call on some of your friends for help. Besides, your friends love working together to achieve something. Along with learning that your friends love to help you out, you’ll realize that your friends also love to have fun. This weekend, you and a few friends are going to go on an adventure together, and it’s totally going to pay off.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – Your week is going to start off a little rough. Something’s been bothering you, but once you get how you’re feeling off your chest your mood will change for the better. Look forward to some romance factoring into your weekend. If you’re single, you might meet someone new, and if you’re already with someone, expect to have an amazing date on Saturday. On Sunday, take a day to relax and unwind.

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An Enjoyable Homecoming 2015

By Lindsay Bauer

Though there are some mixed feelings among the student body, everyone agrees that Salisbury High School’s 2015 homecoming dance was definitely an enjoyable one. To start out the night, most students gathered together at either the Donaldson’s house or the Bobeck’s house for pre-homecoming pictures. Talking, laughing, being with friends and having a good time before the dance was surely a highlight of the night for most. “Pictures were fun. If I could have, I would have wanted to just get ready, take pictures, and not even gone to the dance,” said junior Claudia Crouthamel.

After about an hour of taking photos, everyone headed over to the high school. The line of students at the door was unusually long this year, as the doors opened at seven, but some students didn’t get inside until eight.

With a good DJ and flashing neon lights, everyone seemed to have a great time once finally inside. “Even though it wasn’t the DJ we were originally supposed to have, he was pretty good and the music was better than previous years,” said class advisory member Emily Batman. 2016 Class President Sarah Galantini felt that “Hit the Quan”, all Fetty Wap songs, and “Thinking out Loud” were some of everyone’s favorites. “There was a lot of excitement on the dance floor,” said Salisbury senior Adrian Espinal. Jumping, clapping, dance circles, and lots of laughs filled Salisbury’s gym Saturday night. “There was a good turnout this year, the music was pretty good, it just was fun being around all my classmates, and it was also fun gettin’ jiggy with it,” said junior Kyra Bruns.

Homecoming court included Dylan Belletiere and Tina Afif, Dane Galbraith and Jessica Safi, Tevon Weber and Jordan Kamp, Mason Donaldson and Sarah Reilly, and Ian Carson and Sarah Galantini. After they all entered through the balloon arch, King Dylan Belletiere and Queen Sarah Galantini shared a dance.

The chaperones included Mrs. Reinsmith, Mrs. Basile, and Mr. Yetter. There were no issues Saturday night, things went well, and Homecoming 2015 was definitely one to remember.

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