Love Advice: Teenage Marriage

“Hi I’m 16 & my boyfriend and I are ready to get married but my parents are being mean and won’t let me. What should I do? Please help, thanks.”


Marriage is a serious commitment. At this stage in your life, there are many other things that might be on your plate, such as where you would like to go to college, what your career might be, and many more. Marriage isn’t something that’s decided on the fly, it requires serious commitment and thought. Ask yourself in the relationship, “Do I really need to get married?” There might be underlying reasons, such as trying to lock your partner down in the relationship. Sometimes, people are not confident in themselves and it affects their relationship because they don’t think their partner will find anything in them that will make them want to stay. If this is the case, do not use marriage as a trap. Work on yourself and find positive attributes that you can contribute in future relationships. “Love yourself before you can love anyone else.”

Best Water Fountain in Salisbury High School

By Nathan Rolls & Lindsey Diamond

In Salisbury High School, an important question stands, “Which water fountain should I use?” There never seems to be a direct, concrete answer of, “Use this water fountain.” To figure out the answer, we gathered different water samples from the six main water fountains (three upstairs, and three downstairs) and put them in a cup with a corresponding number to the location. The test subjects did not have any knowledge about which cup came from which water fountain.

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