Sixers Attempt to Comeback From 0-3 Hole

By Brett Minnick

The Sixers came into the second round of the NBA playoffs firing on all cylinders and with a favorable matchup against the depleted.  Boston Celtics. However, in a shocking turn of events the Celtics have dominated the Sixers home and on the road and taken a 3 to 0 lead on the series.  The Celtics defense has quieted the Sixers shooters and Ben Simmons has disappeared causing the Sixers main hope to rest in the hands of superstar Joel Embiid.  But Embiid has his hands full with the harassment of solid defenders Al Horford and Marcus Smart of the Celtics. Brad Stevens, head coach of the Celtics, has looked like a genius and many are now claiming he should be the Coach of the Year while Brett Brown, head coach of the Sixers, has looked confused and made too many errors to win the tight games.

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Vans vs Converse

By Morgan Strubeck
Vans: Brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren along with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia open for business at 704 E. Broadway in Anaheim, Calif. on March 16. The Van Doren Rubber Company is unique in that it manufactures shoes on premises and sells them directly to the public. On the first morning,12 customers purchased shoes, which are made that day and ready for pick-up in the afternoon. The name House of Vans was coined in the early 70s. Skateboarders who like Vans’ rugged makeup and sticky sole are seen sporting for the first time and is showcased on the windows of the Anaheim location. In 2016 they celebrated their 50 year anniversary, after being established in Anaheim, California.
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Bloody Mary: A Legend

By Arianna Walbert

Bloody Mary. As kids, many of us were curious to see this spooky being in the dark bathroom mirror. Bloody Mary is a game that most of us played as kids for a good laugh. However, have you ever thought about where Bloody Mary came from? There are many stories that attempt to give Bloody Mary an origin story, sadly, none of them are confirmed. One story details how Bloody Mary could be the witch Mary Worth. In Mary’s small village, young girls started to disappear. The villagers began to suspect Mary was taking the girls as supposed sacrifices. They went to her secluded house and questioned her, though she denied knowing anything about the girls. The villagers noticed, however, that Mary, who had once looked elderly, was now more youthful looking and beautiful, but there was nothing they could do.

The second origin story of Bloody Mary is the story of Mary Tudor, who was dubbed by her people “Bloody Mary”. Mary Tudor was queen on England from 1553 until her death in 1558. She put many Protestants to death during her reign, giving her the nickname “Bloody Mary”. When she was reigning, Tudor had a pregnancy out of the blue. During the duration of the pregnancy, she went through all of the common symptoms, including belly growth. However, after the nine months were over, she did not give birth, her belly simply shrunk back to its normal size. This caused many people to believe that she faked her pregnancy. This is also why there is a version of the Bloody Mary ritual where you must say “I stole your baby” into the mirror to coax her into appearing.

The third and final theory of where this terrifying legend came from, is from Hungary in the late 1500’s. Elizabeth Bathory, also known as “The Blood Countess”, was obsessed with remaining young and beautiful. She became so obsessed that she began to kidnap young women in the kingdom. She would then kill them and completely drain them of their blood so that she could bathe in it. She would become known as the world worst female serial killer for her horrific crimes.

The ritual can be done many different ways, depending on what version of the story you have heard. In some instances you spin around three times saying “Bloody Mary” after every turn. In other forms of the ritual you must have candles in an, otherwise, completely dark bathroom, and just saying “Bloody Mary” into the mirror.

Do not be fooled by the videos and stories of people who tried to summon Bloody Mary and failed. This ritual is terrifying and could be incredibly dangerous if Mary decides to make an appearance.

Ariana Grande has “No Tears Left To Cry” on upcoming album “Sweetener”

By Jack Kubinec 

After spending two years away from releasing music, and performing on her Dangerous Woman Tour, Ariana Grande has officially released her debut single from her forthcoming album. No Tears Left To Cry is the jumpstart into her upcoming musical era.

Two weeks before its release, all of her friends and musical producers were seen wearing a grey crew neck, with the songs title directly across is, but in upside-down text. This sparked many rumors on what the single would entail. Due to the title, many people believed the single would be a soulful ballad that would showcase Grande’s growth over the past year of her life. Although the growth part is right, No Tears Left To Cry was the complete opposite. It’s a groovy smash hit that features a 90’s diva vibe, especially the verses preceding the chorus.

The night the song was released, the video was as well. It featured Grande in an alternate inception like universe, as the whole word was rotating upside-down. Ariana walks on walls and ceilings, before falling into an endless pit of string lights. She hangs off the side of buildings on the fire escape, as well as having a total dance break on the roof of a building, before jumping off.

She promoted the song on the Jimmy Fallon show, as she released tons of information on her upcoming album. It’s set release date is this summer, in August to be exact. The title she chose is Sweetener which describes bringing light into someone else’s life, or vise versa. It includes tracks such as Raindrops, The Light Is Coming, R.E.M., and God Is A Woman.

Aside from all the album hype, Grande is very excited about the new music. From the production on the era’s first video, to scheduling to perform the opening sequence at the Billboard Music Awards. Grande has always been very passionate about her music and is ready to promote her personal growth.


Villanova Secures 2nd Championship in 3 Years

By Colten Hagadus

The Villanova Wildcats Basketball Program came into the season with high expectations as well as a great mix between youth and veteran leadership. College juniors, Mikal Bridges and Jalen Brunson led the way for the Wildcats, as they rode them to another Big East Championship, and a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Bridges solidified himself as a lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Brunson was named Naismith Player of the Year while shooting 52% from the field and averaging 19 points per game. He figures to be drafted somewhere in the second round of the upcoming NBA Draft due to his size limitations. One youngster that shined this year for the Wildcats was Omari Spellman. The 6’8 freshman was a beast inside, but could also step out and hit a three if needed. He averaged 10.9 ppg and 8.0 rebounds. The road to the Championship started with an 81-67 win vs Radford in the round of 64. Next came an 81-58 trounce vs highly touted Alabama, who boasted players such as Colin Sexton, a lock to be a top 10 pick in the draft. In the Sweet 16, Villanova would face its toughest matchup yet in West Virginia. The defensive minded Mountaineers seemed to match up well with the ‘Cats on paper, but were no match in the real game.

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