PJAS State Competition

By Paige Mathieu

On Sunday May 14th, students from Salisbury High School and Middle School traveled to Penn State University to participate in the  the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science state competition, or PJAS.  After winning first place in the regional competition, Sien Bauman, Luke Foehrkolb, Olivia Hoeing, Nicholas Jones, Paige Mathieu, Matthew Staack, Dylan Thompson, Dylan Weber, and  Donovan Zong went to Penn State to present their projects to another group of judges.  These judges would determine whether or not the students would receive a first, second, third, or honorable mention award at the state level.  Each of the students is scored based on a rubric and not based on the ten other students in the room.

For their projects, each student was required to ask a question, form a hypothesis, and test the hypothesis through experimentation.  After presenting at Regionals, students were able to change their projects or add more experiments as the student saw fit.

The students spent three days at the Penn State University Main Campus where they were able to participate in many activities. Students were able to enjoy The Penn State Creamery, spend time in the bookstore, and present their presentations on Monday morning.

Congratulations to Olivia Hoeing and Sien Bauman who received first place and to Nicholas Jones, Paige Mathieu, Matthew Staack, Dylan Thompson, Dylan Weber, Luke Foehrkolb, and  Donovan Zong who all received a second place.

Academic and Service Awards Night Winners Announced at Ceremony

By, Alex Diamond

The Academic and Service Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.  Thirty-five seniors and two juniors won awards that either honor principles the students are supposed to envision, the memory of someone who was connected to the school district, exemplary contributions within a department of study, or a contribution to an organization/program within the school and the community.

After an introduction by Principal Heather Morningstar, the presentation started with the Honorary Awards and Special Commendations. The following awards were given out as part of that segment:

Collaborative Leadership Award – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Benjamin Wiener.

School Board Representative Awards – Agostino D’Ancona and Rania Nimeh

Robert R. Gross III Leadership Award – Casey Laudadio

Robert R. Gross “Never Give Up” Award – Zefeng Deng

Race for Adam Scholarship Foundation Award – James Hadinger

Pat Tillman Leadership Award – Rania Nimeh

Mark Turbedsky Award – Alexander Diamond

Army ROTC Award – Zachary Stringer

The next part of the presentation was memorial scholarship awards. Scholarships were made out in the names of alumni, teachers, and coaches who had a big impact within the Salisbury Township School District and/or died before they could reach their full potential.

Scott Atiyeh Memorial Scholarship Award – Zoe Feller

Marsie Barth Memorial Scholarship Award – Jessette Long

Jennifer Joy Dillman Memorial Scholarship – Madison Herrmann

SADD Scholarship in Memory of Jennifer Joy Dillman – Agostino D’Ancona

Andy Doran Memorial Scholarship Award – Eric Frankenfield

Gaylord Griffiths Memorial Scholarship Award – Brianna Belzner

Michelle Honochick Memorial Scholarship Award (Class of 2013) – James Hadinger

Shaleece Martinez Memorial Scholarship – Marisol Rosario

Colin Geoffrey Ottinger Memorial Soccer – Kyra Bruns

Eric Rodenberger Memorial Scholarship Award – Mackenzie Sikora

David Todd Smith Memorial Scholarship Award – Jaxon Costello and Caylin Meikrantz

Larry Starner Memorial Scholarship Award – Marisol Rosario

Frank Yelinko Memorial Scholarship Awards – Kyra Bruns and Eric Frankenfield

The presentation then shifted to departmental awards as teachers presented the awards for their specific curricular departments.

Art: Outstanding Art Student – Taylor Vasilik

English: Outstanding Language Arts Student – Andrew Fletcher

English: Student Press Award for Newspaper – Alexander Diamond

English: Student Press Award for Yearbook – Casey Laudadio

English: Drama Awards – Jessette Long and Reilly Yankovich

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding Business Student – James Hadinger

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding FBLA Members – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Mahlon Reihman

Family and Consumer Science/Business: Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Student – Brianna Belzner

Health and Physical Education Department: Outstanding Health and Physical Education Students – Morgan Goletz and Shane Simononis

Math: Outstanding Math Student – Jacob Glenister

Music: Patrick S. Gilmore Band Awards – Zoe Feller and Reilly Yankovich

Music: John Philip Sousa Band Award – Sabrina Sizer

Music: National School Choral Award – Scheccid Alayola

Science: Outstanding Science Student – Gina Nadraws

Social Studies: Outstanding Social Studies Student – Benjamin Wiener

World Languages: Outstanding German Student – Jacob Glenister

World Languages: Outstanding Spanish Student – Ethan Heydt

As a transition to the additional awards, other awards that students won outside of the awards ceremony were briefly listed on screen. This was followed by the additional awards presentations.

Athletic Booster Club Essay Scholarship Awards – Alexander Diamond, Eric Frankenfield, James Hadinger, Caitlin Hoeing, Tyler Keller, and Mahlon Reihman,

Charles W. Dent Congressional Citizenship Award – Ethan Heyft

Class of 2011 Scholarship Award – Alyson Godusky

Dwight D. Eisenhower Outstanding Leader of Character Award – Danalyn Roncolato

Lehigh Valley Engineering Award – Zackary Reinhart

National Honor Society Awards – James Hadinger, Ethan Heydt, and Benjamin Wiener

The Rensselaer Medal – Michael Killiri

Salisbury Education Foundation Scholarship Awards – Agostino D’Ancona and Aaron Feller

Salisbury Youth Association Football Scholarship – Agostino D’Ancona

Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award – James Hadinger

Student Government Advisory Scholarship Awards – James Hadinger and Marisol Rosario

Twirling Booster Scholarship Award – Alyson Godusky

US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards – Mahlon Reihman and Leandra Roelker

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards – Caitlin Hoeing and John Yurconic

US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Awards – Benjamin Wiener

US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence – Sabrina Sizer

After the awards ceremony ended, food and refreshments were served in the cafeteria and everyone gathered to congratulate each other on their achievements.

James Hadinger won the most awards throughout the night with nine awards to his name by the end of the ceremony.

Mayoral Election 2017

By Alex and Lindsey Diamond

2017 holds an important election for the city of Allentown. Residents of the City of Allentown will have the choice of many different candidates to be the Democratic and Republican Party candidates for Mayor of Allentown.

Edward “Mayor Ed” Pawlowski

The current Mayor of Allentown has been in office since 2006 and has spent his time in office revitalizing downtown via the Neighborhood Improvement Zone construction program that has given the city a hockey stadium. He says that crime has consistently gone down and property taxes have remained steady in the time he has been in office. Pawlowski is broadly popular but is often considered corrupt due to scandals that have occurred during his time in office.

Ray O’Connell

The City Council President was active in education for many years as a principal and administrator and has focused his campaign on the needs of the youth. He wants to encourage young people to become police and firefighters and work with the school district on programs for young people. O’Connell also would want to pass ethical reforms and make it harder for city politicians to accept gifts.

Josh Siegel

A recent graduate of Seton Hall University; Siegel is a newcomer to Allentown but has lived in Bethlehem and Philipsburg in the past. He is campaigning on financial transparency and will make financial records more easily accessible.

Siobhan “Sam” Bennett

A businesswoman and frequent candidate for public office; Bennett wants to institute many reforms including mayoral term limits, campaign finance limits, and transparency. She advocates for reform efforts within the city and tends to take a progressive platform.

Charlie Thiel

Worked for Communications Systems, Inc., where he progressed to the position of Vice President. Thiel currently holds the current position of the Allentown Chamber of Commerce and is involved in many boards pertaining to Allentown, such as the Allentown School District Foundation, the Allentown Community Development Advisory Board, etc.Thiel is primarily affiliated with the Democratic party and prioritizes safe and clean neighborhoods, improving public safety, job opportunities, and an honest government and fair taxes.

David Jones

Jones works as a Lehigh County Commissioner and has more than 20 years experiences in business and nonprofit services such as the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative in the Lehigh County within the church he is a pastor in, New Vision Church in Bethlehem. Jones is affiliated with the Democratic Party and prioritizes restoring trust within city government.

Nathan Woodring

Nathan Woodring, a bus driver from Allentown, is a Democrat whose main goal is to address the corruption among city officials if he is elected. Woodring also wants to challenge the city’s hiring process, such as Allentown City Council increasing its’ role in the process to keep choosing city employees a fair process. Woodring previously ran for mayor in 2005 as a Republican, but switched to the Democratic Party because he sees is as an easier passage to get into office.
Although Salisbury residents can’t vote in the Mayoral election, it is important that they keep an interest as Allentown is a major hub near Salisbury Township.

Salisbury Baseball Senior Night vs. Catasauqua

By Alex Glenn

After the traditional Senior Night Ceremonies involving Collin Wagner, Blake Jones, Ryan Misiura, Damein Casanova, Peter Forestieri, and Eric Pennella, Andrew Sukanick moved to the mound to start off the matchup between the Falcons and the Rough Riders.

The first couple innings would result in no score for either side, then at the bottom of the 3rd the falcons took flight. After Catty going three and out in the top, Salisbury would score 4 runs which would result in the first lead of the night.

The 4th inning resulted in 2 more runs for the falcons after another Catasauqua shutout. The Falcons scored yet again in the 6th making the score 7-0. The Falcons then shutdown Catty yet again in the 7th, making the final score 7-0 Salisbury.

Pitcher Andrew Sukanick threw a shutout with only allowing 3 hits on the whole night. On the offensive side of things, 1st baseman Damein Casanova went go 3 for 3 at the plate making his senior night a night to remember.

Hello/Goodbye Soccer Tournament

By Paige Mathieu

On Saturday April 29th, students Oliva Hoeing, Rylee Donaldson, and Elena Lagunilla held a Hello/Goodbye Soccer Tournament for their CBL Project in Miss Brinson’s Seminar Class.  A CBL Project, or Challenge Based Learning Project, is a year long project that requires students to help the school or community in someway. The tournament was held at 2 PM at the SHS Turf to help raise money for Jenn’s House. Jenn’s House is a hospitality house for families who are coming to the Lehigh Valley for medical care.

To participate in the event, students throughout the high school were able to create teams of 8-10 players.  The teams included the Diversion, Manchester United, Lucas’s Winners, Soc Monkey’s, The Communists, and Tasselled Wobbegong. Each team was also required to donate an item to Jenn’s House. The game was played 6v6. Congratulations to Manchester United who won the tournament!
The group was able to earn $250 of proceeds from the event, which included money from the tickets sold, the donations from each team, and money raised from selling the Olivia Hoeing famous chocolate chip cookies.  All of the proceeds were donated to Jenn’s house, which is located in Emmaus.  

Better Call Saul Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

One of my favorite crime drama show returns. The sequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul first premiered in 2015. So far, the show has three seasons and paints a pretty picture to the events taking place before Breaking Bad.

The show takes place in 2002, just a few years before the rise of Walter White. There is nothing more better than the return of the hot Albuquerque sun in New Mexico. Starring Saul Goodman, but before that name, he is known as Jimmy McGill. He is a criminal lawyer trying to make a living. He sleeps in his own small office in the back of a nail salon. He is in debt and is struggling. However, he works very hard and does the law for two reasons; he enjoys it, and he wants to make his brother, Charles, proud. Jimmy mistakenly gets involved with the wrong clients which eventually leads him to illegal business and working for criminals.

Jimmy McGill has a very distinct personality. He is very good at his job and he is just full of colorful metaphors to get his point across. Being a very shady lawyer, despite the risk, he is worth it. He is highly skilled at what he does and has a variety of connections to drug dealers and other criminals. One notable thing I must point out about Jimmy is how much of a good liar he is. He can make any story believable.

He defended a man who was robbed a collection of baseball cards and illegal pharmaceuticals. However the police did not know he was robbed of these pills, but there was suspicion he was carrying something else. Jimmy McGill, represented this man by the man of “Dan”, and bought the lie that officers believed that someone stole tapes of Dan sitting in pies for his pleasure and enjoyment.

Very odd, but it was funny seeing it and how well he could sell it to the cops. I am quite impressed with Jimmy McGill’s magic. However, this is pure gold writing produced from the man Vince Gilligan. The writer for both Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul. A huge applause goes to him and the genius work he has created for us viewers. I look forward to watching the rest of the show and seeing what happens. As of now, I give the show a solid 4.09 out 5.

Ionescu out.

Dasani Water Review

By Jonathan Ionescu

This was inspired to be reviewed from my friend who only drinks Dasani water. Dasani water is a water bottle brand that was derived from the Coca-Cola company. This water bottle brand launched in 2002. It is strictly tap water that is filtered and has added minerals. I believe that Dasani is the greatest water ever invented.

First off, let me go over the bottle design. It is very sleek. It has appealing artwork on the label. It has the visual appeal of a more mature look. Very subtle with the colors. Not too bright, not too dark. It is just perfect. The label has a leaf that has the recycling logo in it. I love this leaf design, it is simple, but simple is the new way of making logos. The font is also very appealing. The font makes me feel connected to the water. It let’s me know that this is MY WATER, and no one else is getting it. The nutrition panel is very small, not cluttered, and has only what you really need to read. The best part? ZERO CALORIES!

Next up is the bottle itself. The shape is very pleasant and sturdy. By sturdy, I mean that if you bump it by accident, it won’t fall over. Since the bottle is heavier than most, and has uneven weight, you cannot bottle flip with it. That’ll keep those pesky kids from doing that ridiculous bottle flip. The green cap is thicker and larger than most bottles which have a thin cap that doesn’t fit as well.

The most important part that I need to go over is the taste. This does not taste fake. I like water that I don’t taste the chemicals. I like water that I do not taste the plastic. In this case, I do not taste the plastic. It is really surprising but I do not. Dasani water uses the method of reverse osmosis. I prefer this method out of any. I do not mind where the water came from, but I am all for reverse osmosis. It is the cleanest and safest way that water can be purified in my opinion. For the best effect, drink your water in a glass jar so you get a different taste. Different, as in an almost sweet taste. No more plastic tasting, just a new rich experience.

I also prefer Acadia water. Even though it’s cheap, that one hits the spot pretty well. My friend who only drinks Dasani water says that if he was stranded on a deserted island, he wouldn’t drink any other water besides Dasani. That shows how many committed fans there are for Dasani.😤
Dasani Water gets a 5 out of 5 stars.

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